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Adhesives and Glue Applications

Because SIGNFOAM is available in a wide range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, gluing is kept to a minimum. Different applications such as edge joints, laminating, and appliques will require different types of adhesives. However, you will need to occasionally glue pieces together to make a sign that exceeds the maximum sheet size available or to add thickness to a sign by laminating pieces together. You may be aware that some glue resins in particular chemically attack foam and cause it to melt. SIGNFOAM is impervious to all chemicals, and to solvent-based adhesives.



Keep in mind SIGNFOAM is a completely closed cell, [so no air or moisture can pass through it], you must always use a two-part, or catalyzed epoxy glue. Wood glue, hot melt or any other air drying glue will not work to adhere SIGNFOAM to itself.

Tips for Creating an Edge Joint: This is probably the most common glue application you will encounter, and it is formed by adhering SIGNFOAM to itself. For edge joints [as well as gluing letters to the face of a SIGNFOAM sign], apply adhesive directly to raw foam by spreading the glue liberally on one side only, and pushing the pieces firmly together. Clamp the pieces in place for one hour or until handling strength is achieved. The idea bond line thickness is 10 to 40 mils. Should any glue ooze from the seam, clean it up immediately, it is always easier to clean it when still wet than after it has dried! You may use isopropyl alcohol or other organic solvents as a cleaning aid. You will also want to make sure you place a piece of paper or cardboard on the table or floor. Failure to do so may result in your gluing your sign to the floor! Vinyl carrier paper with its waxy surface is ideal since the glue will not stick to its surface.

Tips on When to use Biscuits: Experienced woodworkers will be very familiar with the use of biscuits or dowels. This technique is not required to add strength to the joint and gluing as described above will give you a joint stronger than the material itself. You may employ biscuit joiners or dowels to help stabilize larger pieces of SIGNFOAM that would otherwise be difficult to line-up and hold in place.

Tips on using Appliques: Appliques are a great way to add extra dimension to your sign, a set of cut out letters or a fully sculpted graphic glued to the face of a carved or sandblasted sign will set your work apart from everyday signage.