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Sign·Foam ‐ Defining dimensional creativity for any environment

Sign·Foam3 is offered in the 10 pound density, Sign·Foam4 is offered in the 15 and 18 pound densities, Sign·Foam provides a superb substrate for dimensional sign making, environmental graphics, 3-D displays and model making. It is virtually indestructible, so it offers an unlimited lifespan in any application ‐ inside or out. Sign·Foam is lightweight, yet remarkably strong and stable over time. It is impermeable by water and moisture, and unaffected by high-salt environments. And, the material is formulated to withstand temperatures from −30° F to 220°F. So it holds up under extreme conditions and in severe weather. Sign·Foam clearly outperforms wood and ordinary HDUs.

  • Completely waterproof
  • Withstands extreme heat or cold
  • Guaranteed not to warp or bow
  • Does not crack, rot or decompose
  • Easier to machine and work with than wood
  • Fine cell structure ensures excellent edge definition
  • Accepts any paint finish; low paint absorption

Sign·Foam is both artist- and environmentally friendly. Not only does it save trees as an optimal wood replacement, it is sustainably produced, with a minimum 16 percent green content. In fact, every sheet contains 240 recycled plastic water bottles. So, this material is better for your work, better for the earth, and better for your health. What's more, this eco-friendly solution can contribute LEED certification points for building credits. Sign·Foam is nontoxic, U.S. made, VOC and CFC free.

An optimal foundation for inspired signage

Sign·Foam supports new realms of creativity and craftsmanship in 3-D signage. Tough, yet offering a fine cell structure, it accommodates virtually any design you envision, whether carved by hand, milled by machine or sandblasted. And, because it is so consistent, foam boards are easily bonded to make signs larger than the maximum sheet size, or to add thickness by laminating pieces together.

Signage applications include:

  • Routed signs
  • Monument‐style signs
  • Flat-mounted signs
  • Letter graphics
  • Sandblasted graphics
  • Simulated wood signs

Transform Sign·Foam into extraordinary display models, sculptures, environmental graphics and larger-than-life creations. The impervious, enduring material allows your artistic creations to be used and admired for decades. For making oversize figures or displays, foam boards can be securely bonded using a variety of adhesive systems.

Display applications include:

  • Environmental displays
  • Sculptures and carvings
  • Theme park characters
  • Theme park environments

Imagine a medium that actually supports your artistry and craftsmanship instead of forcing you to work around its limitations! The distinctive physical properties of Sign·Foam make it a pleasure to work with compared to wood or lesser foams. Consider its many advantages:

Always flat and stable ‐ Sign·Foam sheets will not warp, twist or bow. And they retain their dimensional stability over the long haul.

Easily worked by hand or machine‐ Sign·Foam is easily engraved, carved, chiseled and shaped in any direction using the simplest woodworking tools or sophisticated CAD/CAM routers and CNC machines.

Smooth and even cuts‐ The material is tough enough to allow crisp cutting and excellent edge definition.

Superior cell structure‐ The smooth, uniform, grain-free cell structure supports very fine surface finishes.

Consistent density‐ Rely on consistently uniform material from sheet to sheet, and within each block. No more surprises like hidden voids or "worm holes."

Grain-free‐ Spend less time cutting and less money on replacing cutting blades.

Exceptional machining characteristics ‐ Sign·Foam lets you create the most precise, intricate designs and well-defined edges.

Less mess and risk ‐ When machined, the material breaks off into shavings that fall safely to the floor, instead of contaminating your shop's air, tools and surfaces with dust.

Fast fixes‐ Quickly and easily fill and repair any holes, mistakes or damage.

Secure bonding‐ Sign·Foam is easily glued to build larger pieces. It creates strong, secure bonds that are clean and even.

With its fine, uniform cell structure, Sign·Foam offers infinite options for painting, finishing and creating special effects. Let it inspire you to new dimensions of creativity:

Choose any paint or lacquer‐ Because it's highly chemically resistant and doesn't react to solvents, easily apply any kind of paint or lacquer.

"Wow" painted and special effects‐ Create gilded, metallic, and high-gloss mirror finishes, or faux finishes, like marble and granite.

Minimal paint absorption‐ The extra-smooth finish requires fewer coats of paint, saving you time and money.

Better adhesion‐ Paint does not crack, peel, wear or flake off.

Precise sandblasting ‐ Sign·Foam is ideal for sandblasting techniques, such as replicating a wood-grain, stucco, stone, brick or other effect. Stencils remove easily to leave crisp, precise designs.

Appliques‐ The lightweight, easily bonded material lends itself to adding dimension through appliques.

Smooth installation ‐ Your dimensional signs, displays and models area breeze to mount, and install cleanly.

Durable and long-lasting, Sign·Foam outperforms wood by every measure. It stands up to both time and the elements. The closed-cell material is unaffected by moisture, so it doesn't rot, decay, decompose or swell from humidity. Paint adheres better, so it doesn't crack, peel, flake or wear off. And, unlike wood, Sign·Foam is easily filled and repaired. What's more, there's no wood grain to impede creativity ‐ you don't have to deal with knots or grain direction. However, if your design calls for the appearance of wood, it's easy to achieve a realistic wood-grain effect.

Showcase your artistry while generating more profits with high-value signs and displays. Let Sign·Foam add the final dimension to your business!

The Sign·Foam HDU material is manufactured in large blocks to your specifications. In addition to standard sizes, sheets can be ordered in custom thicknesses.

Sign·Foam is warranted to perform as advertised for a period of not less than 10 years.

4' x 8', 5' x 8', 4' x 10', 5' x 10' in the 15# and 18#

4' x 8' in 10#

1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3" thicknesses

4' x 8' x 1 1/2" 15# is 60 lbs 18# is 72 lbs

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