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Tips on Ground, Double-sided Ground and Wall Mounting

Tips on Ground Mounting Signs: Most signs are posted and we cover both back post and side post mounts. For a single-sided sign, a back post mount is a strong and efficient method. As the name suggests, the sign is attached to a mounting structure that is completely behind the sign. This method generally incorporates two lengths of treated lumber (usually 4"x 4" or 4" x 6") used as posts. The posts are connected by a 2"x4" that extends across the back of the top or bottom of the sign. This cross member provides additional mounting points and adds rigidity to the sign.

Tips for Double-sided Ground Mounting: For a double-sided sign, a side post mount is required. This technique requires the support stringer across the top or bottom of the sign. Design your double-sided signs with either the top or bottom left straight across. For back post installations, run a deck screw or other fastener through the face of the sign and into the posts in back, using bondo or spackling compound to cover the screw head. For a side post mount, use the same procedure described above, but before staining the posts, rout out a groove into the side of the posts or install mounting strips on them into which the sign will hang.

Drill out countersink holes in the side of the sign to accommodate lag screws. Lag screws that measure 5" long and 3/8" in diameter work best, they should be countersunk and extend into the side of the sign 2.5 inches. The main purpose of the lag screw is to hold the sign in pace during installation. Once the sign is securely in the ground with the grooved sides and stringers the sign will stay together, even without lag screws.

Tips for Wall Mounting Signs: Wall mounted signs can be fastened with deck screws or lag screws through the front surface of the sign. The screws should be countersunk and the holes filled with bond or spackling compound and painted.

If you would rather attach the sign from the backside, attach stud mounts to the back of the sign and insert into pre-drilled holes in the wall surface. The holes in the wall should be filled with adhesive. Individual letters may be attached in this same way.